You have the golden ticket to a profitable, predictable, and scalable business

Leverage your influence to live on your own terms as a highly-paid online expert

Stop promoting other brands; invest in your own

Maximize your income and your return on your time

Launch an online business with predictable profits

As a social media influencer, you are sitting on a multi-million dollar business empire

…and you may not even realize it!

There are four primary components to any successful business:


You need people you can sell a product to


You need a product you can sell to them


You need a proven method to sell the product


You need a way to deliver the product to the customer

Arguably the most important component is the first: Customers. And what’s the most important thing everyone needs to get customers? The thing big brands pay millions trying to get? The thing influencers like you have in spades? THE GOLDEN TICKET TO ALL BUSINESS?


Think about it… You’re getting thousands – or even tens of thousands – of eyeballs on everything you post.

This is why brands offer to pay you to gain access to your followers through sponsored content, partnerships, and affiliate deals. 

But hear this: If you can be paid to promote some OTHER brand’s products, you can sell your own. Simple as that!

The big question is “HOW?” 

How do you…

Create a business with practically no overhead that maximizes your profit month after month?

How can you…

Sell to your following without seeming like a scammy used car salesperson or risk losing followers?

How can you…

Quit your day job, turn away sponsorships, and go all-in on you, all while maximizing your time freedom?

How do you…

Live true to yourself, cash in on your passion, and make your dent in the universe?

Interested? Keep reading…

What is The Expert Society?

The Expert Society is a high-engagement online coaching and mentorship program where we guide you step-by-step through a proven three-phase formula to help you develop and sell a high-ticket transformational product to your social media following, such as a digital course or coaching program.

In The Expert Society you will learn how to take your social media following and leverage it to build a business that can run itself and create predictable, scalable income for you… all while creating more freedom to do what you love.

After completing The Expert Society, you will have all of the elements required (a product, copy, sales funnels, ad strategies, lead magnets, etc.) to build a 6-figure-per-year business that can be scaled into a 6-figure-per-month business.


If you feel stressed out hoping a brand partnership opportunity will come your way so you can earn your next paycheck…


If you feel like you’ve “plateaued” and aren’t sure how to double, triple, or even quadruple your income…


If you are tired of depending on circumstances outside your control in order to make a living…


If you feel like you are meant for more and want to make a positive impact in this world…

Know that you are in a prime position to leverage The Expert Society to create predictable income, more freedom, and more impact in this world.

Overview of The Expert Society program

The Expert Society program will guide you through the steps to transition yourself from a social media influencer to a successful online entrepreneur at the helm of a thriving business.



Find the topic and niche you will build your empire on

Here, we lay the foundation your business is built upon. We will identify Your Topic (the idea you will build a business around), Your Best Buyer (the individual archetype you will sell to), and Your Offer (a compelling detailing of the thing you will sell to them).

Then, you will engage in our Sales Discovery process to validate your business and kick-start your sales efforts in a powerful way.



Build your business and your first digital product

After the foundation is set, we must build your business upon it.

In Phase 2, we start by building the coaching product that you will sell to your market. This includes developing your proprietary teaching frameworks, getting fulfillment mechanisms in place, creating stellar customer on-boarding and graduation programs, and ensuring high customer satisfaction.



Sell your product with scalable marketing strategies

It’s time to scale your business and create predictable revenue!

In Phase 3, it’s all about getting your product out to your audience and the world. Here, we focus wholly on revenue-generating marketing and sales activities such as getting your sales pages, webinars/trainings, advertisements, email sequences, and marketing automation systems launched. Our focus is on generating a consistent stream of high-value customers.


Module 1

Discovering Your Topic

Module 2

Defining your Best Buyer

Module 3

Crafting Your Six-Figure Offer

Module 4

Sales Preparation

Module 5

Sales Discovery System

Module 6

Product Development

Module 7

5-Star Customer Success

Module 8

Business Scaling Systems

BONUS 1: Launch Your Show

Everything you need to get your own branded show launched as a podcast and/or video show

BONUS: Fortune 100 Delegation Principles

After building and launching your business, you’ll want to start off-loading low-skill tasks. We’ll cover how to do this effectively.

What’s Included?

The Expert Society is a comprehensive program that includes everything you need to cash in on your passion, launch your online business, and maximize your impact in the world as an influencer.

Online Training

Access to eight modules, two bonus modules, and more than 50 bite-sized video trainings to guide you step-by-step through the process of moving from influencer to successful online entrepreneur

Video Calls

A minimum of 12 live video calls with our team to get personalized guidance and mentorship on how to navigate the program and answers to your questions

Personalized Guidance

Personal review of all your work to ensure you are on the right track and progressing toward your goal of launching your business efficiently and effectively

Inspiring Community

Access to private Facebook group with other influencers in The Expert Society where you can post questions, get feedback and support, and learn from the collective whole

But does it actually work? It’s hard to argue with results.

Anna Wood is the founder of the Instagram brand Brains Over Blonde (@brainsoverblonde), which boasts around 50,000 followers. She joined The Expert Society in January of 2019. 

Over a three-month period, we guided her through discovering the topic she would lead people in, calling out her customers from her social media following, crafting an offer her audience would love, getting sales mechanisms in place, and how to design, build, and deliver her program.

In the days leading up to her launch, Anna was over-the-moon excited.

Anna Wood, founder of Brains Over Blonde

“OMG you guys. I feel so prepared and excited and ready to launch my program. I feel like I’m in my zone of genius.”

– Anna Wood

Her launch exceeded her expectations.

And what did she have to say after launching her program?

“I am living my calling right now.”

Now, Anna has a long waitlist of customers that want to purchase her program when she’s ready to open it up for sale again. She is confident she has more than $100,000 in revenue lined up over the next three months.

And she’s just getting started.

A $45,963 initial launch for her three-month program with more than $100,000 in revenue already lined up for the next launch!

Cash in on your passion

Take the first step toward launching your business and creating predictable, scalable revenue. It’s your move.

The Investment

There are very few businesses you can start that can generate six figures or more within the first year of launching. And those that do often have startup costs associated with them that take years to recuperate.

Many high-engagement business startup accelerator programs like The Expert Society are $15,000 or more. We know. We’ve been in them.

But with The Expert Society, just a handful of new clients delivered from your new business system (the one we will personally help you build and implement) will more than cover your initial investment into the program.

And remember… after completing the program, you will have a turn-key business system that can keep generating predictable, scalable income for years to come.


This all sounds great, but can’t I just do this on my own?

Yes – you absolutely can! In 2019, advice and guidance on how to do pretty much anything is a Google search away. But you’re going to burn a ton of time, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes, and you won’t be following a single, streamlined formula that gets you where you want to go as efficiently as possible. If you’re serious about wanting to go all-in on you and start a profitable, preditible, scalable, sustainable business… follow a proven method.

How long does it take?

This is up to you, your current bandwidth, and your dedication. We’ve had members of The Expert Society complete the program in 60 days. Others have taken six months. If you can devote approximately 8 to 12 hours a week to the program, you should be able to complete it in roughly three to four months.

But what would I lead people in or create a business around?

This is why The Expert Society exists. The entire first module of the program is built to help you discover the big topic and niche you are meant to lead people in. Most people don’t have a clear picture of what they will build when they join The Expert Society, but after completing the first couple modules, they see everything come into alignment… and start getting super excited.

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Our attorney wants us to be very clear on something: Nothing presented here, or anywhere else on this website, should be considered a “get rich” program. A real career is built upon a foundation of hard work and sacrifice where you continually add value to your audience. Profit is and will always be the applause of service to your audience. The Expert Society is meant to teach you the processes and systems that have been used to build successful careers – processes learned through more than 20 years of combined experience of both failure and success. If your expectation is to become an overnight success by flipping a switch, this program isn’t for you. But, if you’re ready and willing to put in the effort required to become a success, then let’s get moving.

The Expert Society program is informational and educational in nature and should not be construed as making a promise or guarantee of success, future earnings, or results. And just because some people in the program has found success doesn’t mean you will. At the end of the day, your success is your responsibility. I can only share what has worked for us and some other people in the program, and our results may not be typical because we are committed to putting in the work that a typical person won’t. 

If you join The Expert Society, you’re making an investment in yourself, and just like with any investment, it carries the potential for great reward, as well as the risk of loss. Whether you experience reward or loss is up to you. Your own decisions and level of commitment will determine your success. Consequently, we cannot, do not, and will not make any guarantee that you will be successful after joining The Expert Society. At the end of the day, your success is entirely up to you, and you alone.

By joining The Expert Society, you agree to not hold us liable for your decisions, actions, or results, at any time, or under any circumstance. We will provide as much value and support to you as we possibly can, but if you’re not willing to put in the work, nothing we could do or give you will help you succeed. 

Sound good? Great. Now let’s get to work and build something amazing.